Iphone Jokes

Aug 4, 07:48 PM

Iphone apps became so popular recently that I-tunes store now is looking like a turkish market in a daytime. Users download thousands of useless applications every day. Developers through their imagination in the farest corner and make hundreds of app clones. Another twitter auto-post or colorful sms sender… why not?

Educational articles similar to iPhone Apps Design Mistakes: Over-Blown Visuals in Smashing Magazine do only half of work. I think we need to start picking on that open-source-blossom and make iphone jokes popular (apparently that won’t make Apple Corporation any more popular).

Here are some dubious designs under the common title Crisis Iphone (do not mix up with “iphone crisis”).

Slide to Unlock…

Iphone Joke

Out of Energy

Iphone Joke

Crisis Keyboard

Iphone Joke

the source

— Павел Тихоновец, дизайнер. Портфолио проектов aka студия NasheKrashe. Фейсбук. Инстаграм с машинами и котами. Еще и Behance (не спрашивайте зачем).
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